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Get the edge on adventure and advancement by traveling with UT Martin Travel Study programs! Our experienced group leaders have a full slate of unique global learning opportunities ready for you. Most of our travel comes complete with exciting activities and course credit. This may be the most unique class you ever take!


UT Martin faculty and staff accompany students on approximately 15 travel-study trips each year.


For more information, please contact the group leader.


Travel Studies in Korea

International Summer School at Hansung University (Seoul)

Exchange Program with Myongji University in Seoul, South Korea


*Proposed trips 2019-2020 (PDF)

Date Destination Faculty Group Leader
September 2019 Siena, Italy Jeff Longacre
October 2019 Washington D.C. Philip Smartt
December 2019 New Mexico Lionel Crews and Michael Gibson
March 2020 Iceland Stan Dunagan
August 2020 Guatemala Sandy Mehlhorn
September 2020 Siena, Italy Joseph Ostenson
2021 Iceland Stan Dunagan
2021 Italy Alissa Parrish


*Please note: All proposed trips are subject to departmental approvals, confirmed dates of trip by group leaders, and required number of participants

** Check with the professors for program details


In today’s global environment, study-abroad opportunities can give you an advantage when it comes to future employment or graduate school. UT Martin offers an extensive list of destinations, programs (ranging from 1-2 weeks to an entire semester abroad) and international internships.


UT Martin believes that study abroad offers students an excellent opportunity to experience today's world firsthand, to expand their linguistic abilities and cultural horizons, and to prepare for careers in the global economy of the 21st century. We sponsor study abroad programs at our international partner universities both during the summer and the academic year. Don't miss this chance to improve your fluency in a foreign language and to immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of your chosen host country.

UTM Study Abroad Programs

Date Destination Topics
July-August 2020 University of Orléans** French Language & Culture
July-August 2020 Nancy, France** French Language & Culture
July-August 2020 Hirosaki University** Japanese Language & Culture
July-August 2020 Hiroshima Jogakuin University** Japanese Language & Culture
July-August 2020 Takasaki, Japan** Japanese Language & Culture
July-August 2020 Fukoka, Japan** Japanese Language & Culture
July-August 2020 Technical U. Braunschweig** German Language & Culture
July-August 2020 Guanajuato, Mexico** Spanish Language & Culture


** Check with the professors for program details

Annual Programs

Seoul, South Korea (International Summer School at Hansung University) *Three Full Scholarships available. Refer to the website of the department of history and philosophy for more information including application process.

Annual Summer Immersion Programs


International Partners


Holocaust Travel Study

Holocaust Travel Study


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Faculty Views Of Travel

"Travel shapes youth." | "You can't understand anything if you have not traveled." | "We live in a global village."


These cliches exist for a reason. Everyone needs character, culture, commerce. And their secondary benefits. Tolerance. Awareness. Self-awareness. Clarity. Perspective. Experience. Discovery. Souvenir savvy. Intercultural skills. Respect. Wonderment. Pleasure. Wholeness. Knowledge that weaves heart, mind, and body together. For a travel study leader, no thrill is greater than to see a traveler connect all the parts of his/her being and gain a deeper understanding of. . . history. . . human beings. . . life. . .


At UTMartin we do not offer cookie-cutter touristy trips, but the total Travel Study experience. Immersion into a foreign land, its people, its cuisine, its culture, its history. Each trip has a theme whose learning objectives are carefully chosen to offer premium academic preparation complemented by an outstanding travel experience. Balance is a key word in the formula: balance between required visits and free time , between academic and experiential content, between individual learning and group experiences. Another key word is care. As faculty leaders, we care about the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of our Travel Study students and we provide them with mentoring, support, and fellowship during their entire experience.


Dr. Alice-Catherine Carls

Tom Elam Distinguished Professor of History

Holocaust Travel Study



Student Views Of Travel

Kara Kidwell/London Metropolitian University


My travel-study to Ireland with the English department this May was something I will never forget. I have always loved literature and history, but to be able to physically stand where so many stories began has had a lasting impact on how I view the subjects. Twenty-six students joined Professor Clark and Dr. Coffman on a two-week tour of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, and each one of us has commented on how amazing and memorable the trip was in so many ways. I've stood at Yeats' grave and looked out at Ben Bulben and recited his poetry, walked along the River Liffey in Dublin and seen the Book of Kells at Trinity College, and watched my friends perform an impromptu play on the grounds of Coole Park. I've also had my share of fun- I've walked up to the ancient fort on the Aran Island of Inishmore, I've met fellow college students in Kinsale that spoke Gaelic for me, and I've had dinner at a 15th century castle, complete with traditional mead. An account of everything I experienced would take hours to read, there were so many things each day, hour, and minute. The trip made so much of what I've previously just read turn into stories and poems that mean immensely more now, because I can so clearly visualize what the authors and poets are trying to put on paper. I couldn't have had a better trip and I can't wait to go back.


Scarlett Hixson

Senior Cell and Molecular Biology major, English minor

Ireland Travel Study, English 496


My name is Lorie Mallari, and I am a senior biology and international business double major. I have always loved to travel. I went on a two-week travel study to Ireland and Northern Ireland with Ms. Anna Clark and Dr. Chris Coffman. We traveled all over the island, visiting key literary sites such as Lady Gregory's Coole Park and W.B. Yeats' grave at Drumcliff. We also did a fair share of sightseeing, visiting places such as the Aran Islands, Blarney Castle, and Giant's Causeway. Participating on this trip has stimulated my desire to pursue international business in Europe and has given me a life-changing experience that I will never forget.


Lorie Mallari

Senior Biology and International Business Major

Ireland Travel Study, English 251


Guten Tag! My name is Eric Haldeman and I am a Senior History Major and Minoring in German. I had the great fortune and opportunity to attend the six week Internationale Sommerkurse at the Technischen Universitat Braunschweig, Germany. I had always wanted to visit Germany. So being able to fulfill that dream while at the same time learning the language and earning college credit was to good of a deal to pass up! We visited Berlin, Hannover, and Hamburg. We went hiking in the Hartz Mountains. And I even had a special opportunity to drive on the Autobahn. I met students just like myself from all over the world including, but not limited to: Syria, China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Greece, and Egypt. You won't see everything while there, even on the six week trip, but you will have an experience you won't soon forget.


Eric Haldeman

Senior History Major, German Minor

Braunschweig, Germany.


My name is Will Binkley and I am a junior who went on the Paris and London travel study during spring break. The idea of traveling to another part of the world to see things that I had only seen in pictures and meet people with different backgrounds, histories, and outlooks that I never knew existed excited me but also scared me in many ways. My perspective changed the minute that I arrived and realized that I was in Paris! The most interesting thing that I learned from my overseas experience is that people are people no matter where you go. I was able to see that everywhere I went people had the same feelings, emotions, vices, fears, etc. as me, they just use different languages to express them. The one thing from my trip to Paris and London that I will never forget is my visit to Versailles. It was freezing cold, the gardens had yet to begin to bloom, and the fountains were covered up for the winter. Ignoring the frigid temperatures a good friend and I left the confines of the warm castle and wandered through the famous gardens, and even though there was nothing in bloom it was still worth it.


Will Binkley




More than $89,000 in SGA awards and scholarships helped 100 students pay for travel-study programs in 2018-2019.


**Only one award per year per student**



Any full-time undergraduate, graduate, or TIEP student who enrolls in a travel-study or study-abroad program approved by the Travel-Study Scholarship Committee can apply. Normally, these will be programs sponsored by UTM, but students may request support for the travel-study/study-abroad programs they have developed on their own. Awards will be made primarily to students undertaking substantial travel-study projects, which will generally fall into the following categories: travel-study programs (at least one week in duration), language immersion programs (at least three weeks in duration), study-abroad programs lasting one semester or an entire academic year. The Travel-Study Scholarship Committee will consider the following criteria when making awards:

  • The cost of the applicant's travel-study program
  • The duration of the program
  • The program itinerary (preferably out-of-state and international travel)
  • The academic content of the program
  • The financial need of the applicant
  • The availability of other funds to support the chosen program


Complete the application form and submit the original to the Center for International Education, 124 Gooch Hall, by the appropriate deadline.


Deadlines Travel Date(s)
October 10, 2019 From September 1, 2019 – January 18, 2020
February 6, 2020 From December 1, 2019 - August 31, 2020
April 2, 2020 From April 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020

Important Notes

  • Students are encouraged to make their travel-study plans early in the academic year and to apply for support by the most appropriate deadline. These funds, generated by the SGA Travel-Study Fee, are limited and may be significantly depleted by the spring semester.
  • Before a student may receive a scholarship he/she must pay all outstanding university fees.
  • Students must conform to the rules for submitting scholarship applications listed on the reverse side.
  • Students should make a point of seeking additional scholarship assistance from other sources to supplement this award. Additional funds may be available from the Colleges and Departments within which they are majoring. See trip leader for additional scholarship information.
  • Please understand that if you receive financial aid from this scholarship you may be asked by the SGA Committee to present at an upcoming event. This would include a presentation about your travels to help enlighten other students about the benefits of traveling while in college. Failure to comply may constitute in some of or the entire amount you are awarded to be charged to you. Also understand that we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. If you apply later you may be awarded only partial or none of the scholarship amounts due to the high interest in students traveling.
  • Travel study scholarship awards funded by the SGA Committee will be applied directly to the total cost of the selected travel study experience.

    SGA Scholarship Application (PDF , Word DOC)

    Please contact the Center for International Education, (731) 881-1023, for more information.

Passport Application Information

The U.S. passport identifies the bearer as a U.S. citizen or national. It is a request to foreign governments to permit travel or temporary residence in their territories and access to all lawful, local aid and protection. It also allows bearers access to U.S. consular services and assistance while abroad and re-entry into the U.S.


Visa Application and International Travel Information

A travel visa is an official government document that temporarily authorizes you to be in the country you are visiting. Many countries require a visa to gain entry. The visa usually is in the form of a stamp or sticker placed IN the passport and is obtained from the country you are visiting.

Faculty and Staff Travel Study Handbook

  • Jewel Franklin

  • Program Resource Specialist
  • 124 Gooch Hall
Jewel Franklin
  • Lorrie Jackson

  • Travel Study Coordinator
  • 124C Gooch Hall
Lorrie Jackson
Mike Sudzum